Tavira “Aguardente” and “Medronho” Liquors

Medronho Berry

The "Medronho" -- arbutus berries -- matures when winter knocks on the door. This a warm colored fruit, which grows easily everywhere, likes humidity and spreads throughout the Algarvian hills. It's harvested from October to November, being sunk in a bit of water for 40 days, then, it is smashed and covered. Afterwards, the fruits are placed inside an "alambique" -- batch system -- to be cooked, it is then covered and the mud is pasted around the … [Read more...]

Fires consume Tavira tourist spots

Fires in Tavira

Since last Wednesday serious fires have been burning precious natural areas inside Tavira's municipality. At least 5.000 acres of land have been consumed by the flames in an area that has been recognized as one of the best areas of the country for corktrees.photo by Agêcia LusaThe fire was spotted initially around 13:00 in the parish of Cachopo, from where at least 50 people have been evacuated. Latest reports state that fires are now … [Read more...]

Tavira Old Town Market

Tavira Old Town Market

The old market in Tavira also known as Mercado da Ribeira, was built around 1887 and it was originally very similar to what you can see today, except with much more people and activity at that time. I remember going with my mother to shop for groceries in this exact same place, you'd find everything in there, from the biggest variety of fish and seafood I can ever remember to the most sweet fruits.Around 1998 the market was decommissioned … [Read more...]

2012 Sea Gastronomy Festival

2012 Tavira Sea Gatronomy Festival

The flavors of the sea are back to the table in Tavira. Between 12 and 27 of May, with yet another of the Sea Food Festival. In its 9th edition, the event will take place in 15 restaurants in the parishes of Cabanas, Santa Lucia, Santa Maria and Santiago, enabling all sea food lovers to try dishes that combine tradition and innovation.The public once again will have an added incentive, the participants will enter a contest to win a weekend in … [Read more...]

Cataplana of Clams

Cataplana of Clams (Ameijoas)

photo by cayetanoCataplana of Clams Ingredients (6 servings):1.5Kg fresh small clams in the shell, rinsed. 3 medium onions thinly sliced 3 cloves of crushed garlic 2 green bell peppers cut into small strips Olive oil 1 bay leaf 500g tinned plum tomatoes 100g smoked ham, diced 50g dry-cured ham (prosciutto) diced 100g portuguese sausage (or any other chorizo style sausage) Small glass dry white wine Some fresh … [Read more...]