Tourist Guide about Tavira, Portugal

Tavira is a unique tourism experience. The historical background and untouched archaeological traces managed to preserve the city as one of the most characteristic and accurate representations of the Algarve region. Like most cities in southern Portugal, Tavira has a mix of Roman, Arab and Christian heritage. The city centre with remains of castle walls, churches and bridges from different eras, together with fantastic beaches and the island around Ria Formosa area, make a unique scenario likely to dazzle many of its visitors.

Nowadays this southern Portuguese city, full of winding and narrow streets, isn't much different from other Algarve cities. Walking and sightseeing through them is a pleasant experience, although the area is not large and any walk will likely be brief.

Discover the Island of Tavira

The centre of Tavira is located about three kilometres from the coast, and beaches are located on the island that is just in front of it, so access is not particularly like an easy walk. In return, huge uncrowded beaches are guaranteed, except in the months of July and August where they tend to be somewhat more sought after, as most tourist destinations in Portugal.

Portugal Tavira Island aerial view from the north

The only way to reach the beaches is by boat, which runs between Tavira and the Island. The starting point for the ferry is located south of the old city market and the river boat trip takes about 20 minutes — or you can also get the boat from Quatro Águas (2Km away from town, opposite to the island and the crossing is just under 10 minutes). Because this is the most popular and important beach in the Tavira council we dedicated a whole page to it where you can find everything about Tavira Island. From camping facilities to boat schedules, you will also find there a link to the tide schedules, handy when it comes to planning at what time you want to hit the beach.