Tourist Attractions in Tavira: What to See

Tavira's main point of reference is the Gilão River and its Roman pedestrian bridge. The river flows a couple of kilometers and joins the sea in the area of the islands and Ria Formosa natural park. Most of the city's tourist attractions are on the south side of the bridge, including what remains of the ancient city walls and Castle. In fact, nowadays the castle area is reduced to a small area on top of a small hill, next to the whitewashed church of Santiago. A few towers and some doors is what remains of what once were the city walls, like Porta de Dom Manuel nearby the tourist information office and overlooking Praça da República.

Depending on how long are your holidays in Tavira, you can plan things to do that require more or less time. The good news is that if you plan to stick to Tavira you can see and do a lot of things in a short period of time... Hey it's a small city!

What to See in Tavira

If you have just a week-end, you can pick some of the hottest tourist attractions to visit like 2 or 3 main churches, the castle, try to go to the Island, don't miss a visit to Pego do Inferno and do a walk around the city centre.