Church of Santo António dos Capuchos

The Church of Santo António dos Capuchos is located in the parish of Santiago (Atalaia) in Tavira.

Santo António dos Capuchos Church in Tavira

photo credits wikimedia

This church belonged to the Old Convent of Santo António dos Capuchos, whose cloister still exists, and began construction in 1612. The main facade was remodeled in the second half of the 17th century, and the pediment was rebuilt together with a window over the galley.

The church is an example of austerity of the 17th century architecture. It has a simple rectangular plan, with a single nave and master-chapel. Inside you can admire a remarkable sculptural 18th century pottery set depicting the life of Santo António (Saint Anthony). You can still contemplate carved altarpieces and copies of paintings and religious imagery of the 17th century.