Praia do Lacém

This small lagoon beach is surrounded by farmland, amongst allotments, vineyards and dryland orchards. The beach is reached by a small cross-country footpath which accompanies an occasional stream, along which there grows some thick riverside vegetation, with reed beds and lots of brambles. The beach itself is quite narrow with some low-lying sand dunes where the main plant is European beachgrass. The predominant habitat is, in fact, the salt-marsh, and the smell of the sea and the mudflats is intense. Beyond the narrow branch of Ria Formosa, you will find Cabanas Island, very thin and low in this area and only covered with some small grasses (sea couch), not offering any great resistance to the advances of the sea. Here you can observe various shorebirds calmly scouring the mud with their long beaks in search of food. If you have a private boat, you can cross over the branch of the Ria Formosa and reach the sand barriers of Cabanas or Cacela.

Access to Lacém Beach

There is a dirt track from the EN 125, heading towards Lacém over a distance of roughly 1,5 Km. There are no parking areas at the beach, which has no support facilities or supervision.