2nd Oysters Festival in Tavira

Similar to last year’s event “Aqui há Ostra”, Tavira hosts once again this year the 2nd Oyster Festival. The event is perfect for shellfish lovers and will take place between the 22nd and 26th of July. It will also be possible to have a taste of other different kinds of seafood, a great opportunity to get acquainted with the excellent quality of Ria Formosa diversity.

Tavira Oysters Festival '09
An event to publicize the oysters from Ria Formosa (80% of national production comes from this area of great environmental value) and promote its consumption.
It will have several spaces that will allow seafood gastronomy lovers to taste delicious oyster, clam, razor-shell clam and other seafood dishes, while being entertained by the “voices” of accordion.

22nd to 26th of July
Day 22: 7p.m.-12a.m./Days 23-26: 11a.m.-12a.m.
Near the Municipal Market