Tavira “Fleur de Sel” Awarded PDO

Rui Simeão, one of the pioneers in salt extraction in Tavira (who started ~2 years before other producers), has been awarded a special Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status by the European Commission. This distinction is not directly related with the salt extraction process, but the Ria Formosa mud quality and Rui Simeão's Fleur de Sel distinguished product.photo credits: Rui SimeãoFlor de Sal -- or, literally translated Flower of … [Read more...]

The Farm Houses of the Sotavento

In the rural world of the mountain and coastline, like in most of the Mediterranean, people live in communities and in mutual cooperation, giving rise to compact settlements in the mountain and more scattered settlements along the coastline. The first type, on the mountain, is mainly expressed through population in small settlements, called “montes”, or larger ones called villages (aldeias). The second type, on the shoreline, is expressed through … [Read more...]

Tuna Fish

The tuna has a sort of keel that enables it to make fast turns when hunting for small fish and squids. The biggest and strongest of the tuna fish is the Albacore and ¾ of its weight is made up of muscles, so well provided with blood that its body temperature is always higher than the temperature of the water, which is quite rare among fish. The albacore swims in shoals of 25 fish.The first historic reference to tuna fishing in our country … [Read more...]

Tavira Webcam: Roman bridge

I bring you yet another goodie. A webcam of Tavira's Roman Bridge. What a great view!On December 3rd 1989, a flood caused by a full day of heavy rain destroyed the bridge partially, after that the bridge was restored and restricted to people only. It is still possible to see how the old Roman bridge looked before in some amazing photos.During the Spring and even Winter it’s possible to see otters swimming in the Gilão river although … [Read more...]

Tavira, a restaurant in Washington DC

If you are an American and you love Tavira, or if you are a Portuguese living in America near Washington DC (or not) there is something you should know. I just found out there is a famous restaurant in Connecticut, Washington DC dedicated to the Tavira's typical cuisine and gastronomy, they go by the name of Tavira - Portuguese and Mediterranean Couisine.They have an impressive Lunch and Dinner menus as well as a list of known Portuguese … [Read more...]