Quatro Aguas Pier Redevelopment

After 20 years, the pier at Quatro Águas has finally been remodelled. As a child, I remember the initial shape of Quatro Aguas pier was a square. Around 1994 it was completely rebuilt and the round shape was introduced. The new redevelopment efforts are not only aimed at aesthetics, but also a revitalisation and reorganisation of the pedestrian and parking space.The new Quatro Aguas Pier This requalification work will focus on the … [Read more...]

Fires consume Tavira tourist spots

Since last Wednesday serious fires have been burning precious natural areas inside Tavira's municipality. At least 5.000 acres of land have been consumed by the flames in an area that has been recognized as one of the best areas of the country for corktrees.photo by Agêcia LusaThe fire was spotted initially around 13:00 in the parish of Cachopo, from where at least 50 people have been evacuated. Latest reports state that fires are now … [Read more...]

Tavira among World’s Best Beaches

LonelyPlanet just recognized Tavira Island one of the 10 World's best beaches to travel with children. In their new release of Travel With Children guide, LonelyPlanet lists a dozen of places recommended when traveling with children, among which and according to Reuters are places like Sardinia in Italy, Cottesloe and Noosa in Australia and other places in different locations of the world.Quote from LonelyPlanet: "On the South East Portuguese … [Read more...]

Tavira living Cittaslow style

Tavira is now officially part of the movement Cittaslow after a successful application.Healthy food, eat with time, and preferably in a traditional restaurant. Talk and have fun with friends. Exercise and walk, admire and protect the environment. Respect culture and habits, have a calm life based on quality principles in a fast and demanding world. These are the fundamentals of Cittaslow.Cittaslow appeared in Italy in 1999 by Paolo … [Read more...]

A guide to visit Tavira

As you might have noticed there is something different here since yesterday... Yes I changed domain name... again! - I hear your thoughts already: Why, why... WHY? or, Come on man! Decide what you want...Well, that is the fact, and it's not about what I want, but about what YOU want. You might have come accross a post I did before accross similar lines. At that time there were many good domain names taken and not being used, they were just … [Read more...]