Walls of Tavira II: Islamic & Portuguese walls

1400 years passed, fourteen centuries, without any important urban nucleus developing on the banks of the River Gilão.In archaeological digs or simple lucky finds, elements have been gathered, mostly ceramics and some construction materials, which have allowed us to confirm that the North-Western area of Colina de Santa Maria was once the site of a Roman village. The settlement may have been destroyed during the Islamic period, because the … [Read more...]

Walls of Tavira I: Phoenician Walls

At the end of the VIIIth century, a population of Semitic descent or culture, belonging to the group which classical sources refer to as the Phoenicians, arrived on the Peninsula which is today known as Colina de Santa Maria, the place where the city of Tavira was born. They settled here and built a wall.Up to now, archaeological work carried out has only permitted this structure to be traced around an extension of approximately 12m, since … [Read more...]