Folclore Algarvio

In the last post, I had some interesting comments about the typical Tavira (Algarve) music. As I answered, the Algarve, and subsequently Tavira, have strong roots in Folk music; this music style intends to be satyric and in most cases catching the "naughty" meanings of words. Portuguese language is known for its innumerous ways of interpretation, if you say something in Portuguese, it's very likely that someone will come up wit a "naughty" … [Read more...]

Tavira Eastern Algarve

Yet a couple of great YouTube videos that make justice to the charm and soul of this Eastern Algarve city. Tavira is a gem among Algarve cities and will make you come back every time!You can even have a glimpse o Tavira Island and the Tavira Camping Park. If you'd like to know tide schedules, see the new addition in the Tavira weather page. … [Read more...]

Discovering Tavira

Browsing trough YouTube I found this happy-tone video from a Dutch priest (Godspeed, Fr. Roderick) going trough Tavira with a videocamera. He talks about the salt extraction, seafood, some History and curiosities as he walks trough. A must see... he knows quite some stuff :) … [Read more...]

The Tuna Run

Thanks to Andrew from FlashgunFilms who left a comment in the contact section of my site. There is a movie about the Tuna Fish industry in Tavira and its Golden era. Here is the Youtube version: … [Read more...]