Fires consume Tavira tourist spots

Since last Wednesday serious fires have been burning precious natural areas inside Tavira’s municipality. At least 5.000 acres of land have been consumed by the flames in an area that has been recognized as one of the best areas of the country for corktrees.

Fires in Tavira
photo by Agêcia Lusa

The fire was spotted initially around 13:00 in the parish of Cachopo, from where at least 50 people have been evacuated. Latest reports state that fires are now on two fronts and coming to within 2Km of the city of Tavira, devastating forest areas with eucalyptus, pine, oak and arbutus. Three helicopters and two planes have been involved in combating the flames.

Known turist spots like Pego do Inferno have now been affected by what’s considered a tragedy for Tavira and its Municipality.

Bridge Pego do Inferno
photo from pego do inferno facebook fan page

The president of Tavira’s city hall has stated that “The current situation in the municipality is dramatic, because the fire reached to Tavira. A fire that happens in Cachopo, with two days of operations in many ways on the ground, to reach Tavira, regardless of consequences, I can only say it was dramatic and serious”.

Pego Inferno Burnt by Fire
photo from pego do inferno facebook fan page

Here is a video from an amateur that depicts the situation:


  1. http://nemo says

    The country and houses North of Santa Catarina were left to burn while the president fretted about the A22 that nobody uses. The fire was simply “watched” the first night hoping it would go away – it did!!!

    The hunting associations, absentee landowners and the GNR make no effort to keep the laws to clear land so fires are prevented. Why should they – if anyone is compensated it will be them.
    If ever the English proverb “a stich in time saves 9” was appropriate it was here.

    Perhaps the “penny” will click with the GNR that they can make more in fines going back an seeing what land was obviously not cleared than sitting at the airport waiting for tourists with the wrong car rental papers!

    This disaster needs investigating!

  2. The fire started on a negligent burn of forest residues leftovers..on a 10% moisture day…left to burn alone….
    This is Portugal on its worst face, negligent, ignorant, careless…
    Back up by even more stupid, responsible, goverments…
    90% of forest fires have negligent or insane causes, and are supported by the fire business….
    Cement plant in loulé could take the biomass resulting from fire prevent activities.
    jobs would be created, the severity from fires would be substancialy reduced , petroleum coke would stain in Huelva arbour instead of being burned in the kiln, and CO2 emissions would be reduced.
    From the economical point of view, it is even more ridiculous:
    presently 1 ton of Pet. Coke cost 100€ and has 32MJ/kg :
    1 ton of biomass (from forest residues/ forest maintenance ) has equivelent Energy price ( 50€/ton with +- 15MJ/kg)….
    But neither cement company wants to take in neither is forced to by goverment….
    Jut to say that the ISP Tax ( Petroleum base product tax) for coke is 4€/ton….and VAT for biomass is 21%…..
    BUT at least will have 8 more years before the next fire on PEGO DO INFERNO….

  3. http://salvador%20louro says

    Let me first say that I lost everything I had in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo. But let also tell you something about the nice laws we have in this country concerning cleaning the landscape. One law says it is mandatory for the land owner to keep its land clean, but there´s another one that tells exactly the opposite. I clean my land evevy three years and each hectare costs me 100 euros. I’ve got more than 200. Every 3 years I spend more than 20.000 euros and every nine years I get cork out of the trees making someting around 85.000. Bad business, right? But many times the fiscais do ambiente show up and the charge 250 euros because i am cleaning the land. So, I am fined for cleaning and I am also fined if I don´t clean. How nice isn´t it !