Folclore Algarvio

In the last post, I had some interesting comments about the typical Tavira (Algarve) music. As I answered, the Algarve, and subsequently Tavira, have strong roots in Folk music; this music style intends to be satyric and in most cases catching the “naughty” meanings of words. Portuguese language is known for its innumerous ways of interpretation, if you say something in Portuguese, it’s very likely that someone will come up wit a “naughty” interpretation of what you just said and this is used in its extreme in the “Folclore” as it intends to make you laugh while you enjoy the music.

Possibly if you have been to the Algarve you heard about “Folclore Algarvio”. Here is a video/slideshow of Tavira with typical folk music in the background. It’s almost like you are there… if you understand what they are saying you’ll have a good laugh 🙂