6th Sea Gastronomy Festival

Similarly to what happened last year around this time, Tavira will be hosting the 6th Sea Gastronomy Festival between the 9th and 24th of May.By enjoying a meal in one of the participating restaurants, you will have access to the ongoing exposition "Tavira, Sea Heritages" at Palácio da Galeria/Municipal Museum.The participants will also have the chance to win a week-end "Near the Sea" in one of the following hotels: Aldeamento … [Read more...]

Tavira Island Sport Zone

It's going to happen in the Island of Tavira, from 8 to 11 pf April; 4 days full of sport activities like: Canoeing, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Bodyboard, Climbing, Paintball, you name it...According to the information on their homepage it seemed to have been a success last year, and they are about to repeat it, all the details you need, in case you're interested are in ism.oxigenio.pt.And, if you're attending, remember to be respectful towards … [Read more...]

6th Mountain Gastronomy Festival

Similar to last year's Festival, this year Tavira will organize the 6th Festival of Gastronomy of the Serra. And from the 21st of March to the 10th of April you will be able to taste many of the traditional flavours of Mountain gastronomy in Tavira.The Festival will take place between the 21st of March and the 10th of April in participating restaurants, as usual, and will enable lovers of good food to savour some typical meals from the … [Read more...]

Tavira living Cittaslow style

Tavira is now officially part of the movement Cittaslow after a successful application.Healthy food, eat with time, and preferably in a traditional restaurant. Talk and have fun with friends. Exercise and walk, admire and protect the environment. Respect culture and habits, have a calm life based on quality principles in a fast and demanding world. These are the fundamentals of Cittaslow.Cittaslow appeared in Italy in 1999 by Paolo … [Read more...]

Folclore Algarvio

In the last post, I had some interesting comments about the typical Tavira (Algarve) music. As I answered, the Algarve, and subsequently Tavira, have strong roots in Folk music; this music style intends to be satyric and in most cases catching the "naughty" meanings of words. Portuguese language is known for its innumerous ways of interpretation, if you say something in Portuguese, it's very likely that someone will come up wit a "naughty" … [Read more...]