Tavira “Aguardente” and “Medronho” Liquors

The "Medronho" -- arbutus berries -- matures when winter knocks on the door. This a warm colored fruit, which grows easily everywhere, likes humidity … [Continue Reading]

Medronho Berry

Fires consume Tavira tourist spots

Since last Wednesday serious fires have been burning precious natural areas inside Tavira's municipality. At least 5.000 acres of land have been … [Continue Reading]

Fires in Tavira

Tavira Old Town Market

The old market in Tavira also known as Mercado da Ribeira, was built around 1887 and it was originally very similar to what you can see today, except … [Continue Reading]

Tavira Old Town Market

Tourist Guide about Tavira

Welcome to Tavira Tourist Guide. With this Travel Guide you will be able to find all the essencial tourist information to plan your holidays and find everything about beaches, events, restaurants, maps and golf courses. Here I will also list Historical and Touristic resources about the most beautiful city in the Algarve Region South of Portugal. If you were never in Tavira, it's time to start thinking to pack your bags and travel to one of the best places to spend your holidays or vacations.

Tavira is a unique experience, mainly because of all its Historical background and untouched archaeologic traces managed to keep it one of the most characteristic cities in representing the Algarve region.

Discover the Island of Tavira

Tavira Island Beach

Because this is the most popular and important beach in the Tavira council we dedicated a whole page to it where you can find everything about Tavira Island. From camping facilities to boat schedules, you will also find there a link to the tide schedules, very handy when it comes to planning at what time you want to hit the beach.