Tourist Attractions in Tavira: What to See and Do

Depending on how long are your holidays in Tavira, you can plan things to do that require more or less time. The good news is that if you plan to stick to Tavira you can see and do a lot of things in a short period of time... Hey it's a small city!

For instance if you have just a week-end, you can pick some of the main places to visit like 2 or 3 main churches, the castle, try to go to the Island, don't miss a visit to Pego do Inferno and do a walk around the city centre.

Here's the top listing of what you shouldn't miss:

Pego do Inferno

Pego do Inferno is a small lagoon whith a green-Mediterranean water located around 10Km from Tavira in the Algarve. A high waterfall where water flowing makes the environment even more bucolic. Legend has it that Pego do Inferno is connected to the Gilão River and the River Guadiana with tunnels.

Ilha de Tavira

The perfect beach. Since most of Tavira beaches are part of a natural park. To access them, you must use the ferry boat available at the port of Tavira. The island offers camping, and it's always recommended to take something for mosquitoes. Total tranquility in a heavenly environment.

Tavira Castle

From the original caste remain only scattered pieces of wall now restored. Originally the castle had seven towers and was probably built by the moors and later reinforced by Dom Dinis in the 18th century. From the tallest towers you can see a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Near the city hall you will be able to see the "Arco da Misericórdia" one of the original main entrances to the castle.

If you come with more time, say a week or two, I recommend you plan some time to go out of the city centre and visit the surroundings. Mainly don't miss places like Cabanas de Tavira, Santa Luzia and Cachopo.

Tavira Churches

In the Algarve region, and to the South of the Tagus river, Tavira is certainly the city with most churches. The impressive number of temples and religious institutions that passed through the city is one of the identity features of Tavira.