Tavira Old Town Market

Tavira Old Town Market

The old market in Tavira also known as Mercado da Ribeira, was built around 1887 and it was originally very similar to what you can see today, except with much more people and activity at that time. I remember going with my mother to shop for groceries in this exact same place, you'd find everything in there, from the biggest variety of fish and seafood I can ever remember to the most sweet fruits.Around 1998 the market was decommissioned … [Read more...]

Tavirense and Balsense Fish Canneries

In 1915, the Padinha administration that was managing the local government, faced on of its worst nightmares. It witnessed strong protests from the local population due to a decision of the republican government - elected in June that year - to transfer the Infantry Regiment Headquarters from Tavira to Faro. This would also mean the departure of the Regimental Music Band to the capital of Algarve, something which the government had tried do in … [Read more...]

Tavira, a journey trough Art and History

Tavira's monuments recount the important history of a city that was the largest in the Algarve in the 16th century. The Port of Tavira harboured the Portuguese fleet that patrolled the Strait of Gibraltar and supplied the markets of North Africa. It was a busy maritime commercial hub where fish, salt, citrus fruit, figs and almonds were exchanged for products from Flanders, India, China...A number of writers have drawn attention to the … [Read more...]

Tavira old olive oil mill

The building with the yellow facade that extends significantly along the Porta Nova street, opposite the old side wall of the São Paulo Church, was in the past an olive oil mill which held in its interior an important inventory of industrial machines that still exist there thus enabling us to document this trade.Since ancient times olive oil has been produced in Tavira; this activity, which played an important role in the dynamisation of the … [Read more...]

The defense of the coastline against sea attacks

In a region which is intimately linked with the sea and its riches, populations have long been establishing themselves along the coastline, exploiting marine resources, simultaneously blessed with the ease of contact with the sea and vulnerable to the evil intentions of some people brought to their door by the immense ocean.In order to address these dangers, defensive systems were created throughout the centuries. These were of varying … [Read more...]