Quatro Aguas Pier Redevelopment

After 20 years, the pier at Quatro Águas has finally been remodelled.
As a child, I remember the initial shape of Quatro Aguas pier was a square. Around 1994 it was completely rebuilt and the round shape was introduced. The new redevelopment efforts are not only aimed at aesthetics, but also a revitalisation and reorganisation of the pedestrian and parking space.

Quatro Aguas Old Pier before Redelvelopment

The new Quatro Aguas Pier

This requalification work will focus on the access road from the tuna factory curve, improving motor traffic zone and creating a new route, pedestrian and cycling, with shaded rest areas. At the same time, it will qualify the areas of restaurant and stalls, until now characterised by disordered parking, which will undergo an intervention in order to stop erosion, while providing the population with a “direct contact with the Ria Formosa“.

Quatro Aguas Pier view towards East

Another major goal of this requalification work, is to organise the parking lot, which has pretty much been used without rules for decades–thus will be lost a considerable number of parking space.

In contrast, an area dedicated to public transport and loading and unloading will be created, wide enough to allow all types of vehicle access to Quatro Águas pier and turn around comfortably. The creation of a pedestrian and cycling path will allow for safer circulation for those who choose to walk or use a non-motorized vehicle.

Quatro Aguas Pier view towards South

It will also be created a new parking area on site, that one day will welcome the new Port of Tavira — between the curve of the factory and the Ponte dos Descobrimentos. The project was “shelved by the government”, but the local authority does not lose faith, because the project is part of an overall plan for redevelopment of the conceived riverfront.

Quatro Aguas Pier view towards North