A guide to visit Tavira

As you might have noticed there is something different here since yesterday… Yes I changed domain name… again! – I hear your thoughts already: Why, why… WHY? or, Come on man! Decide what you want…

Well, that is the fact, and it’s not about what I want, but about what YOU want. You might have come accross a post I did before accross similar lines. At that time there were many good domain names taken and not being used, they were just being exploited by domainers that buy loads of nice domains just to sell them after for an inflated price to the less savvy. I got visit-tavira.com, it was good, and much better than the old one, but it was not enough there was someone else owning the same name with a different word structure, and I wanted to get away from it; for a while I waited hoping the name would drop and I could get it without having to pay exploitation of interest, but it’s clear the owner has no intention of letting it go.

Luckily, I got luckier than the lucky 🙂 and TaviraGuide.com came into my hands – this time together with the closer variations. A much better name that defines what this site is about and what my readers are looking for; the content will be in the the same place, the dashes are gone and it’s very straight forward because my visitors often search in Google for [Tavira Guide] or [Guide to Tavira]… If you prefer you can still be using the old one, it will take you here as well, just it will gradually disappear from the search engines while TaviraGuide.com takes its place, and will be only accessible directly typing it in your browser’s address bar.

So as you see the change is all about what you want, improving and adapting to be more targeted to your needs. Hope it won’t be any hassle to you, you can even keep your bookmarks 🙂

New posts will be coming soon!