Tavira living Cittaslow style

Tavira is now officially part of the movement Cittaslow after a successful application.


Healthy food, eat with time, and preferably in a traditional restaurant. Talk and have fun with friends. Exercise and walk, admire and protect the environment. Respect culture and habits, have a calm life based on quality principles in a fast and demanding world. These are the fundamentals of Cittaslow.

Cittaslow appeared in Italy in 1999 by Paolo Saturnini and has as base preserving the tradition, calmness and gastronomic qualities of small cities. This movement tries to maintain the characteristics that turn cities in attractive places for anyone seeking a calm place, as well with hospitality and quality food.

Italy, Germany, Poland, Norway, UK and Brazil are countries where Cittaslow have their own network. Other countries like France, Spain, Australia and Japan are in the process of implementation.