During your vacations in Tavira

The flora, comprising a variety of species, scrubland and marshes needs to be protected. The dunes are at risk from rising sea levels. There is dense vegetation in both the flooded and dry marshes, providing nutrients for the subsistence of species as well as adequate nesting conditions. If the marshland is harmed, many species may be condemned to extinction, especially migratory birds with no other alternative routes.The scrubland is rich in … [Read more...]

Tavira old Bandstand

Recent research carried out in Tavira's Municipal Historic Archives brought to light new data on the history of the city. A document found in the archives reveals that another bandstand arrived in Tavira, prior to the current bandstand which can be seen in the centre of Tavira public Garden.The bandstand that can be see today inside Tavira Garden, which has been the object of extensive studies and which is widely known, was part of the … [Read more...]

Tavira 24 June: Day of the city

If you are visiting Tavira around the 24 of June, besides the usual festivities, a bit all over the council, Tavira will once again be the stage for the popular marches, on the 23, at 21h30, on the República Sq., and on the 27, at 21h30, in the Dr. Eduardo Mansinho Municipal Pavilion.The official celebrations will also include:Flying of flags at the Town Hall Awarding of Medals of Honour to personalities and well as medals of Good … [Read more...]

Poll for Tavira tourists, residents and lovers

Some of you--at least my regular readers--must have noticed the voting poll in the far left column. I started this poll in the beginning of May and the intention is to assess my audience and write more about specific subjects directly tied to your level of knowledge about Tavira.Nevertheless I would also like to collect any feedback you may have and encourage you to share any kind of subject you would like to see in this site. Some of you … [Read more...]

Origin of the name Tavira

The city of Tavira, once during the Roman empire a secondary passing place of the important road between Balsa and Baesuris.The name itself comes from Moorish influences, initially called Tabira ("the hidden"), although there are many variations according to popular History: Tabira, Tavila, Talabriga (You will find some restaurants and bars with these names there).Instead of Tavira, there are funny misspellings that lead people to this … [Read more...]