Walls of Tavira I: Phoenician Walls

At the end of the VIIIth century, a population of Semitic descent or culture, belonging to the group which classical sources refer to as the Phoenicians, arrived on the Peninsula which is today known as Colina de Santa Maria, the place where the city of Tavira was born. They settled here and built a wall.Up to now, archaeological work carried out has only permitted this structure to be traced around an extension of approximately 12m, since … [Read more...]

The “tesouro” rooftops of Tavira

One of the main--and unique--architectonic elements of Tavira are the "tesouro" shaped rooftops. Always in a very inclined angle and landing on the master walls. While it's widely believed those rooftops to have Muslim traditions in the art of building, others say it's an Oriental influence of the Chinese pagoda. … [Read more...]