Church of São José do Hospital

The Church of São José do Hospital is located in the parish of Santiago and very close to the church of São Francisco.

São José do Hospital Church in Tavira

photo credits José Filipe

This church was built during the 16th century. It is a church-hall type, characteristic of this era, with a set consisting of three elements: the convent, the church and its niche. Incorporates elements of previous Gothic and Manueline adaptations.

Like with most of the churches in Tavira, the 1755 earthquake caused severe damages to the hospital and the church, and both have been completely rebuilt. A late medieval chapel and a mortuary remained as a survivor of the original church.

The present church, with a single nave and master-chapel, presents as particularity a un-even octagon. Designed by master mason Diogo Tavares, it's part of a typology of temples which have been prototyped by the Church of Menino de Deus in Lisbon.

On the pediment of the façade stands out the date of 1768, corresponding to the completion of the works.